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Hardcore Pawn ist eine amerikanische Reality-Fernsehserie, die von RDF USA und Richard Dominick Productions für truTV über den täglichen Betrieb von American Jewelry and Loan, einem in Familienbesitz befindlichen und betriebenen Pfandhaus und. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits: Vom Diamantring über das Schlagzeug bis zum Rasenmäher: Wenn es darum geht, den Wert von. Terminplaner für alle Sendetermine im Fernsehen: · Mi – – 15 Folge 15 · Mi – . Seth from Hardcore Pawn, Detroit. Gefällt Mal. cvbef.nl Diese neue Reihe zeigt den stressig-krawalligen Alltag im 'American Jewelry and Loan'. Im größten Pfandhaus Detroits wollen jeden Tag rund Kunden ihre.

Hard Core Pown

Ah, ich sehe gerade, da läuft heute Hardcore Pawn (cave: Aussprache). Das ist für die "Alle Menschen sind gleich"-Fraktion sehr erhellend. Das Hard Island ist ein kroatisches Hardstyle-Festival, das in den Clubs Kalypso und Aquarius am Strand von Zrće stattfindet. Das Festival ist dank seiner. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 1 Folge 1 Deutsch Folgen Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel.

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Hardcore Pawn - Customer Disrespects Ashley

An effeminate man tries to sell his Cabbage Patch Kids doll to Les, but accuses Les of mistreatment when they refuse to see eye-to-eye on a deal.

A man tries to sell a series of poorly stuffed animals , leading to an unusual threat by the man against Les. A woman goes into a tirade when Ashley determines the earrings she was pawning were fake.

Seth buys a cache of sports trading cards after seeing the potential value of the cards. A couple tries to sell a piece of genital-piercing jewelry — which is too odd for even Les or Ashley.

A young woman comes to get her goods out of hock, but she has no ticket or ID. Drunk, the woman calls Les the mother of all insults, and shows her disgust to Les in being kicked out of the pawn shop in a most disgusting way.

Les refuses a car stereo for pawn from a woman as it was not in its box, but the woman blames it on her boyfriend.

A woman sells an artistic statue of an old woman in a bathing suit, but when Les buys it, Seth blames Ashley for contributing to the purchase.

A man tries to sell his shark costume, but when the pawn shop would not buy it, he tries to prove that his fists are worse than his bite.

A man tries to sell a scale model of Olympia Stadium , but when Les was unable to make a deal, Ashley makes a counteroffer to spite Les — and Seth.

A woman tries to pawn her earrings, but when Ashley refuses them as they are of little value, the customer gets into a cat fight with another customer.

Fed up with the bickering between Ashley and Seth, Les decides to separate the siblings by having both run particular areas of the pawn shop and to not interfere with each other.

At the end of the previous episode, Les separated Ashley and Seth by having them work in their own departments, in hopes that the family feud cools down; however, it boils over again when Ashley and Seth argue in front of a customer wanting to buy a stereo.

A man tries to redeem his brother's pawn using false identification. Another man tries to sell a skeletal foot of his great grandfather, which was amputated during World War I.

A coach of a Little League team tries to sell their team's radar gun, but his obsession with winning, and him constantly putting down his son for not playing good enough to meet his standards angers Rich.

A woman complains about being overcharged for a ring cleaning, except that American Jewelry does not charge for ring cleaning.

A female body builder sells her jewelry, but her presence and demeanor attracts a lot of attention. Ashley and Seth continue to bicker over themselves as they try to complete their transactions, leading Les to the end of his rope.

A big man with big speakers to sell threatens his way to the front, leading to an altercation with security — and Seth.

A man tries to sell a copy of Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3 signed by Elvis Presley with a Certificate of Authenticity, but it all comes down to the record's condition.

A woman, whose daughter graduated from Oak Park High School Les' alma mater , sells her leather jacket, to get money for food.

A druggie tries to sell a laptop computer and jewelry, but Seth does not want to contribute to his cocaine habit, and he does not want American Jewelry to either.

A woman tries to sell her sex swing , but Les feels it is too odd — and potentially unsanitary — for the pawn shop. A man tries to sell a laptop without a charger to Ashley, but when she refused, things started to get violent between him and Les.

Rich gets furious at Ashley over interfering with a transaction involving a layaway and a credit, in which she gave a confusing solution to a problem that she made worse; later, Rich gives instructions to the jewelry crew, infuriating Ashley, who runs that department.

A man tries to pawn a fake luxury watch, but when unable to strike a deal, breaks a lamp on the way out. A man tries to sell a gold ring to pay his DWI fees, but Seth is concerned of the man's chauvinistic behavior with his girlfriend.

A couple sells a statue of one of the aliens from the film Aliens ; Seth thought it is dumpster material, but Ashley thought otherwise.

A couple of guys try to sell a bowling ball cannon and a golf ball cannon, but when Seth refused them as they were firearms, they offer something else — a sealed pack of Army-Navy playing cards from Ashley hires a woman to work at the jewelry counter, without consulting with Seth or Les.

Questions about Ashely's skills are put to the test after questionable transactions by the new hire are made known by staff.

Meanwhile, Rich, after his altercation with Ashley in the last episode, tries to avoid her. A longtime customer tries to sell a diamond ring, but called Seth and Les liars when he failed to get a deal.

A man tries to sell a chain to Les, but when it was found to be fake, he challenges Seth to a fight. A man tries to sell his "Relax-O-Lator" coin-operated vibrating machine, designed to eliminate stress, but the price Les offers may not be enough to rid of the seller's financial stress.

A woman tries to get extra loan money for her laptop, but when she failed to do so, she offers her wig of human hair that she claimed came from an Indian; when even that was not enough, she flashes Les and Seth, practically offering herself for sale.

Les orders Seth and Rich to clean up the warehouse to make room for new merchandise, but when nothing was done, it leads Les to believe that his kids are unable to run the business.

Seth berates Rich for not doing the job, which leads to Rich being angered again for being accused for doing something wrong.

A man tries to sell an Xbox and fake Cartier sunglasses, but his refusal to believe that Seth is a manager leads to the end of any deal.

A woman pawns a gold chain, but has a strange fixation on Ashley. A couple of guys pawn a custom made chopper made by their brother before he died.

A man sells a year-old gold pocket watch that was in his family since it was first bought. A woman with a Gold Card tries to pawn her laptop computer, but gets irate when she could not get enough cash.

Frustrated at the working environment at American Jewelry and Loan, Rich expresses his disgust at Les, only to be told that Les wants to enact a plan to hopefully bring both Seth and Ashley together.

American Jewelry is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Les wants to put on a big celebration — in five days; he assigns Seth and Ashley to plan the celebration, in which they have conflicting ideas.

Also, Seth suspects that Ashley has not done her part in the planning, even though she said that her duties were already taken care of. A woman, who was tired of waiting in line to get her TV, tries to get it back herself; however, she is in for a big surprise.

A man tries to get Les to buy a tattoo, which would serve as an ad for American Jewelry. Another man tries to sell a Checker Taxi cab, but it does not perform as well as it looks.

A woman tries to sell her rose gold earrings, but learns that it was a base metal. An Albanian man tries to sell his s Flash comic books, but when he learns that he would get way less for them, he takes out his frustration by picking a fight with another customer.

Originally titled "End Days" Today is American Jewelry's 30th anniversary, and the event has a big turnout; but while Ashley's auction was a big success, things start to get tense when the cash machine that Seth ordered arrived late, and did not work.

Also: When a man complains that the Wii system he bought did not include games, he threatens to blow up the store. A woman gets angry when people cut in front of her in line; to prevent any escalation, Les has a solution to defuse the problem.

A man who won a riding lawn mower at the auction gets irate when the model he actually won was not the same model as the one he thought he won.

And at the end of the day, Les announces to Seth and Ashley that he has plans to open a second location, and wants one of them to manage the new pawn shop.

Les, Seth and Ashley visit Premier Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Pontiac that its owner was selling and Les has interest in buying; while Seth and Ashley are worried that American Jewelry may be spread too thin, Les is still adamant in buying the pawn shop, refusing to leave without at least attempting to make a deal.

Also: a man wanting to pawn his VCR causes a scene, leading him to the front of the line, but when he tells Seth off, he is led out the door.

Another man tries to pawn his fake eye , that he was currently wearing. A woman, who claims to be " Bruce Lee 's sister", tries to sell her "fox mink" coat.

A man tries to sell a AM General army truck, which Les falls in love with, but the cost may end up breaking the "relationship".

An impatient woman was told to leave by Ashley when she refused to keep it quiet. Les agrees on a deal to buy Premier Jewelry, upsetting Seth and Ashley, but when Les has them decide who to run the new location, they end up fighting against each other, leading to Les to make a decision himself.

Also: a woman had a lot to say about her lost pawn to Les; another woman tried to pawn her laptop, but any deal with Ashley was lost when she told Ashley what to do.

Another woman sells her earrings, but had to settle for less, as they were not as valuable as she thought. A man sells a bubble hockey game, but had to play a round with Seth to find out how much money he would get.

An illusionist escapes out of a straitjacket , then sells it, but Seth wanted to see Ashley in it first. A man tries to sell his speakers, but when he talks trash with Seth, his mom ended up having the last word.

As Les and his employees prepare the new location for new management, someone finds a bunch of jewelry in a desk; however, a former employee of that pawn shop says that he was the rightful owner of the jewelry, and wants it back, and he will not leave without a fight.

Also: a couple of ladies pawn a TV, but one of them was almost too-outspoken to deal. A man tries to sell an old Big Boy statue, but his wife has a final say.

Two sisters, one of whom is celebrating a birthday, pawn some jewelry, but give Ashley too much information in the transaction by revealing how one got the jewelry via sex and plans to get tattoos and nipple piercings.

A woman pays her pawn payment, only to get into an argument with Ashley when she also has to pay interest. A man tries to sell Seth a plasma television that does not work; he later returns to pay for his PlayStation 3 pawn, only to forget there is interest, accrued the second he receives the pawn; when he received the system, he complained that it was not his.

A couple tries to sell a Cadillac hearse , complete with a coffin with a "corpse" inside; Ashley has no interest in it, but Les tries to make a deal.

A man buys a pair of earrings to wear to a casino, but as his ears are not pierced, he tries to get someone at the store to pierce them then and there — a service that American Jewelry normally does not provide.

A woman tries to sell a fake gold ring with Swarovski crystals, but refuses to leave after learning that even the crystals are fake, resulting in her trying to strike an unusual offer with Seth.

Tressa, a former employee who was fired last season in "New Hire, Now Fire! In addition, Tressa still holds a grudge against Ashley, while Ashley feels the same mutual feelings back.

Also: A woman tries to sell busted speakers, but ends up giving smack talk to the clerk. A film producer from out-of-state tries to sell his badly-worn laptop, but when Les could not make the deal, the producer has some choice words for Les — and Detroit.

A man pawns his dragster ; while Seth is worried that it would not sell if the pawn defaults, Les thinks otherwise. A man, who claims he was abused by his boyfriend, tries to sell his television, but Les' offers causes the guy to unsuccessfully suppress a major temper tantrum.

Les sends a few employees to work at the new location; however, Seth has concerns that the main store will be short staffed.

Soon, Seth is proven right, when customers complain of the long wait. This leads to an argument between Les and Seth on the state of the business.

Also: A man tries to pawn a watch that Les determines that it was not valuable; however, Les challenged him to sell it to anyone in the store — that is, until the man decides to shout profanities instead.

A man sells a latex vacuum bed sex toy, due to the fact that his girlfriend found out that he ordered it and told him to get rid of it. Les and Bobby J.

A man tries to sell a stainless steel bracelet, only to get abused by his girlfriend when he learns that the store was not buying them. A man sells an old telephone switchboard that he thought was owned by Alexander Graham Bell due to them seeing Bell System on a plate affixed to the front , but manage to get an offer from Les.

Les noticed several items in the back room that have gone missing, leading him to suspect that one of his employees is a thief.

Also: a man tries to pawn a Playstation 3, but his pawn became no good once he threatened Ashley. A woman tried to sell a laptop computer, thinking it was an iPad , but refused to believe that Ashley was a manager when she called for one.

A woman tries to sell a dinosaur bone, but Les was concerned that the bone was actually from an elephant. A couple pawns a fur coat to get the funds to get jewelry out of hock, but the girlfriend threatens violence to her boyfriend if they do not get a right deal.

A man sells his guitar signed by Kid Rock , despite almost walking away over a few dollars' difference from Seth's offer.

Seth finds out that American Jewelry has been short on their loans for the last two months, placing the blame on the person responsible for the pawn shop's loan department — Ashley.

Seth becomes even more concerned when he finds out that the clerks were offering too little money for jewelry, and that potential customers were walking away.

Also: a man tries to sell tickets for a Detroit Tigers game that night, but learned the hard way from Seth that they do not sell tickets.

A woman tries to sell an old s drugstore sign, but while Les likes it, it all comes down to the deal. An exotic dancer tries to sell silver earrings that have little precious value; when she fails to strike a deal with Seth, she tries to flirt her way to a deal.

A young man pawns a subwoofer for his car, where he lost his virginity. A man tries to sell a watch to Seth, but refuses to leave the pawn shop without the money that he needs.

A couple of ladies try to sell a tambourine signed by Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl , but learns that even the deceased Cobain's autograph is not that valuable.

A man's computer was stolen after leaving it in watch with a stranger, and now he wants to see the security tape to see who it was; later, when Les, Seth and Ashley reviewed the tape, they were convinced that the victim is part of a scam.

A couple sells a bust of John F. Kennedy , one of only two made the other put on display in Berlin , but Les gives a special deal to the man's wife to sweeten the deal.

A tattooed man tries to sell a gold ring, but threatens Ashley after thinking the deal is too low. A former exotic dancer pawns her gold chain — and gives an employee a free show.

Les and Seth later have a bright idea: hire Darren as an employee. Darren would later prove his worth when a couple of guys come in to sell a couple of Red Wings jerseys — one of them with Darren's name on it.

Also: a woman tries to sell her fox fur coat, though she insists that it is mink. A couple of young men try to sell an electric guitar for money for a DNA test — when they could not get a deal, they destroyed it and left the mess for Seth to clean up.

A woman tries to sell her television, but the price her aunt gave does not match the pawn shop's price; when the deal went sour, she left the television behind, as Ashley refused to carry it to her car.

A woman tries to sell an arcade scale, but it needed a lot of repairs. A storm is affecting Detroit, and Seth is concerned what would happen if the power goes out.

Les thinks there should be no problem, as he has a contingency plan to keep the lights on with a backup generator.

When the power does go out, it becomes a big problem when the pawn shop's computer system goes down, and Les hardly does anything to rectify it, leading to Seth to handle the emergency himself.

Also: a man tries to sell a watch, but when he could not strike a deal with Seth, he mocks him instead. A woman tries to get her item out of hock, when in fact she actually sold it; when told of this fact, she threatens Les by calling her boyfriend to take action.

A man sells a wine press that has been in his family for generations, despite learning that it was not as valuable as he thought. A woman sells her doll of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis , still in box, but not only it is no longer in mint condition, as the box is damaged, the certificate of authenticity may be stuck in the box.

A woman is a day late on her pawn payment for her television — which was already sold. A customer complained that he got a television instead of a TV stand when she redeemed her pawn, leading to Les to blame Seth for not properly watching over his crew; Seth, however, contended that the merchandising system needs changing, but Les refuses to yield.

But things escalate when a customer got the wrong Xbox out of hock. Also: a Wisconsin man stuck in Detroit tries to sell his daughter's ring to pay for trailer repairs, but became very displeased when he learns that it is nowhere as valuable.

A trans woman tries to buy a ring for a marriage proposal, which she practices on Bobby J. A man sells a Detroit Free Press front page of Adolf Hitler 's death, but learns that the item is not as valuable as he thought.

A man sells his jewellery for money to bring his fiancee, a mail-order bride from the Ukraine , to Detroit. In light of merchandise being lost and damaged, Seth decides to assign the warehouse staff to specific sections behind Les' back.

However, Les overrides Seth's orders, who thinks that things are better as they are. But when the problems that were supposed to have been solved return under Les' old system, Seth gets into a shouting match with Les, with both sides refusing to yield.

Frustrated, Seth gives Les an ultimatum: let him work with Les to solve the problems, or risk him leaving American Jewelry and become a competitor.

Also: a woman from Brooklyn complains to Ashley that she lost her ring, but her outspokenness rubs Ashley the wrong way, especially after she finds out that the lady never had an account at American Jewelry.

A man tries to sell his customized Hummer H1 , but the price is too rich for Seth's blood. A man tries to sell his game system for gas money, but when Seth did not give a price he likes, he accuses Seth of being too high and mighty.

Another man sells an early 20th-Century industrial fire extinguisher , but its hose affects its value. The relationship between Seth and Les remains very frosty, with both sides refusing to speak to each other, to a point where Ashley tries to play peacemaker; nevertheless, neither side is willing to yield, leading to Ashley to lure them together and force them to make up.

But when both sides still refuse to forgive and forget, Les decides to let Seth operate the store his way — without Les to lean on. Also: a drunk man tries to sell Les a gold sports ring for funds to pay for his DUI conviction, but refuses to leave after learning that it was brass.

A man sells a seat from the old Yankee Stadium , which he won in a charity auction. A woman tries to pawn her diamond necklace for funds to fix the windows in her car which were broken into , but cops an attitude after learning from Ashley that it was fake.

In order to prove that he can run American Jewelry, Seth takes over Les' supervision duties, while Les watches from the sidelines; however, Ashley fears that he is wearing himself too thin.

Her suspicions were proven right when a man sells Seth a "new" carpet cleaner without further inspection, but a clerk later informed Seth that it was actually used and repackaged.

Furthermore, on the next day, the pawn shop is short on available cash, as Seth failed to get money the day before; worse off, it is a banking holiday, and Seth's plans to have someone get more cash would not work.

Also: a man tries to sell designer eyeglasses, but Les informs him he paid too much. A woman complains to Ashley that someone stolen her identity and pawned her stuff, but Ashley informs her that she is not in the system.

A widowed woman sells her hospital skeleton, which Les thinks would be cool to have — if the price is right. A woman tries to sell her bowling balls, but her backtalk made them worthless to Les.

A couple sells a geiger counter , but they can not agree between themselves on how much to sell it for. With the pawn shop short on cash due to the bank holiday, Seth tries to find ways to get more money, but things get worse when the pawn shop runs out of the cash they already have, leading the pawn shop to suspend purchases and new pawns for the day.

This angered Seth, who would later declare war against Ashley for being a snitch. Also: a woman who believes in aliens and the prophecy pawns her guitars.

A couple, breaking up as they accuse each other of cheating, tries to sell a pair of watches — one broken, the other fake — but the woman ended up starting a fight with her ex-boyfriend.

Another man could not redeem his pawn as he lacked a photo ID, but said that he did have an alternate way to identify himself — his obituary.

A man sells a carnival scale to Les, who ended up losing a dollar on the deal when he accidentally cussed in front of the man's son.

But Seth overlooked the e-mail until now, leading him to rush to get the ring done as soon as possible. However, Ashley derailed the plan when she told the jewelry maker to put that on hold so that her necklace can be fixed.

Seth then told the jewelry maker to focus only on the customer's orders, leading to a new feud between Seth and Ashley. Also: a woman tries to pawn a fake watch that she said she purchased from American Jewelry.

A man sells a National cash register , but it not only comes down to price, but also to the money needed to buy his daughter new earrings.

A man tries to sell his old CRT monitor for gas money, but when Seth said that the monitor was outdated, he refused to leave without a sale.

A man sells a program for the funeral for Rosa Parks , but learns that it was not as valuable as he thought it was. A woman tries to sell a sex encyclopedia, but learns from Les that while tastes have not changed, the method of getting pornography changed.

A redneck farmer, hoping to start a chicken farm, tries to sell a customized, motorized tricycle, except that the pull cord for the motor broke off; later, he sold a set of Living Dead Dolls , but while the high value is out there, no one was buying them, influencing the price that Les is willing to pay.

Also: a man tries to sell a necklace he believed was made of sterling silver, but when Ashley tested it out and found out that it was nothing but iron and nickel, he called her a liar.

A couple tried to sell a computer printer without ink and an electronic organ, but when his wife berated him when they could not get a right price, another customer intervened, in which the wife started berating her.

A recovering alcoholic and wine aficionado tried to sell several bottles of Bordeaux wine , but not only he was unable to get a proper price, Les and Ashley confess that they know nothing about wine.

A man tried to sell a digital camera and counterfeit CDs, but when Seth said he could not take the CDs, the customer gotten extremely angry at Seth.

A man working for a competing business is buying cars, gold and pawn tickets from American Jewelry's customers, angering Les, as he feels that they're unfairly taking advantage of his customers.

Also: a woman tries to sell a laptop computer, but does not know the password to unlock it. A father and his son try to sell a motorised go-kart , but its customization may be a factor in determining its price.

A man tries to sell a Rolex watch, but its aftermarket alterations may affect its value. A man tries to sell his gold and diamond necklace, but after learning that the metal and diamonds are fake, he tries to flirt with Ashley to get his money.

A man sells a voting machine used in the presidential election in Florida , but learns that it is not as valuable as he thought.

After Les bought an old pinball machine from a customer, Seth informs him that there is hardly any room left in the warehouse to store it, as employees were buying merchandise that Seth feels would be hard to resell.

When Seth learned of Ashley's roulette wheel purchase, Seth berated her in front of the customer, and when Seth interfered with her as she complained to Les about Seth, she quit the store in tears, to a point where she no longer wants to be taped by the production cameras.

Also: a woman, who is on a verge of divorcing her husband, tries to sell her ring, but after speaking her mind to Les after he said that the diamond had flaws, she finds her ideal mate — Joe, the security guard escorting her out of the pawn shop.

Another woman, whose trying to raise bail for her boyfriend, tries to sell a silver chain, but after learning from Ashley that there was not enough valuable metal to raise the money she needs, she tells Ashley that she runs the pawn shop, not Ashley.

A couple of men try to sell their weed eaters, but were escorted out of the store by Les when they could not get a reasonable price from the clerks.

Following the shouting match between Seth and Ashley that led to Ashley leaving the pawn shop, Les reprimands Seth for berating Ashley in front of the customers and employees.

However, Seth still believes that employees should not buy items that they can not quickly sell. When Ashley returned to the pawn shop, not only was she still bitter at Seth, but she accused him of double standards when he bought a set of signed Detroit Tigers hall-of-famer pictures, which she believes would not sell, but Seth thought otherwise.

Also: a woman, whose house was robbed, tries to sell her wedding rings to Les, but refuses to leave the pawn shop unless she gets the money she wants.

A pacifier -sucking woman pawns her diamond ring and TV set, but when Seth thought that the deal would sour, she had an employee suck her pacifier for free lunch.

A boys sells his iPod for money to buy a gift for his girlfriend, who his grandmother calls a "hussy".

A man tries to sell his J. Higgins bicycle, but learned that restoration work on it has affected its value. A woman comes to request a copy of her pawn receipt, but Ashley found out that she was not in the system; despite that, the customer accused a cashier for stealing her earrings.

The area has seen a rash of car break-ins, as reported by the pawn shop's customers, but when Bobby J. When the crooks came to American Jewelry, Les is ready to deliver justice.

Also: a woman tries to pawn a diamond ring, but has choice words for Ashley. A rapper tries to sell his laptop, but learns from Seth that the rap songs on his computer are not worth much.

An elderly woman sells a collection of WWF action figures, but she also has a move to show Les. A tattooed man, who says he was an incarnate of the devil, tries to sell his gold jewelry.

A couple of men pawn a Michigan license plate , but learns that, despite its rarity, it is not that valuable.

Ashley rejects a customer's partial payment for her pawn, stressing that it is pawn shop policy to take only complete payments, but Les honors it, saying that some rules were meant to be broken, as they own the pawn shop.

However, that philosophy bites them back when Les takes a trade in for a ring without a receipt, only to find out that he overstated the original price of the ring.

Also: a man tries to sell his laptop, but his friend felt that it was not enough. A couple of men try to sell a few strands of George Harrison 's hair, but learn that, despite its rarity, is not very valuable.

A male beauty school student tries to sell his fur coat, but he is become a subject of attraction — for all the wrong reasons. A man sells his life-size Betty Boop statue, but not before saying one last goodbye.

A woman tries to sell her so-called "Depression" diamond earrings, but when she could not strike a deal, she goes on a destructive rampage.

A couple of men try to sell old baseball cards from the s, but learns that their condition affects the value. One of Seth's employees in the internet department was found slacking off watching television on company time, leading to Les telling Seth to have the department manager, John, do something about it.

Les then orders Seth to fire John, but knowing that John was one of the department's best employees, he gave John a second chance instead.

However, it was a chance not taken when John quits instead. A woman threatens Les when she refuses to believe that her titanium earrings are actually silver.

A gay black couple comes to pawn shop, but could not agree on anything. A woman tries to sell her television, but when she could not strike a deal with Les, offered her breasts instead.

A man picks up his laptop, but complains that it was dirty, and it was their responsibility to clean it. American Jewelry employees have been making numerous mistakes in previous days — in addition to the Mickey Mantle painting being undersold, Les found a television on pawn that has a cracked screen, and he wants to look at the security tapes to see who did it; however, the pawn shop's video security system has been down the last couple of days.

At that point, he gave a final ultimatum — the next person that commits a mistake will be fired. Also: a man tries to return his DVDs, as he claims that they were faulty; however, he was proven wrong when Seth played one of them on one of the DVD players.

Later, he returns to watch them on one of the big screen TVs, further objecting Seth's claim. A couple of men sell a massaging pedicure chair, but Ashley fears that the pedicure sink would not work.

A couple of women truckers try to sell their semi-trailer truck , as one of them wants to leave the trucking profession and go to beauty school.

A man cuts in line and tries to pawn his earrings, but not only angers the pawn shop clerk, but also ends up in a fight with another customer.

Following the problems that occurred in the last couple of episodes, Les arranged a meeting with all its employees, telling everyone not to mess up, or they will be fired.

But after catching Rich letting a woman with gold walk on too low an offer, and later, abandoning the lay-away station during a busy period, Les all but banished Rich from his store.

However, Seth and Ashley felt that Les has been treating Rich very badly with his threat of termination, especially after how loyal Rich was over the last 25 years.

Also: a man rifles through couch cushions looking for a ring that he allegedly lost. A man tries to sell a Zimmer -customised Ford Mustang , but Les felt that the aftermarket add-ons cost more than the car itself.

A young woman tries to sell her year-old TV — after pushing it several miles to the store. A man tried scamming Seth out of a mink coat, but Seth and Bobby J.

An elderly man, needing money to pay his water bill, tries to sell Ashley a bunch of old toys and baseball cards that have little to no value, saving the best — gold jewelry — for last.

Rich returns to American Jewelry to apologize for what happened in the previous episodes; Les accepts his apology and welcomes Rich back, but still warns that he'll be fired if he slips up.

Rich would prove his worth when a teenager comes in with microphones that Rich suspects were stolen, taking the initiative to make sure the stolen microphones are recovered and the crook is arrested.

Also: a woman tries to sell a television, but not only it is missing the required accessories, she also plays mind games with Bobby J. A man lays down on a massage table which he calls a "sex table" , before talking dirty to Ashley, angering Les to a point where he almost strangles him.

A man sells his fortune-telling napkin holders, but Les predicts that he would not get all the money for what he asked. A man wanted to borrow his computer that he has in hock so he can download his files, but unless he has the money to redeem his pawn, Seth would not let him get it back.

A man tries to sell a tricked-out military truck, but Les practically fell in love with it, despite knowing that it would be impossible to make a deal.

Les complains that the internet department is not generating enough sales; to rectify this, Seth decides to have all items sold both online and at the pawn shop.

However, they experience a problem when a man buys a watch online, but that same watch was sold several minutes earlier to an in-pawn shop customer, and was not removed from the website on time.

Seth places the blame on Ashley, but she has a solution to the problem — use barcodes. Also: a man tries to sell a "brand new" space heater, but it looks anything but brand new.

That's until you see the one person who completely ruined the show. I know you're thinking, "hey didn't you just say, not to take this show too serious and that it's a reality show?

Note to producers: 1 The stars of the show are the pawn business, seeing interesting items, and the freaks that bring them in.

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American Jewelry and Loan. November 15, October 4, At the end of this episode, Les tells Seth and Ashley that he plans on opening a second location, with one of them running it.

September 25, October 2, December 21, Louis Post-Dispatch via website. Retrieved January 25, Retrieved July 7, The Hollywood Reporter.

Archived from the original on August 19, Retrieved August 24, Channel Guide Magazine. Archived from the original on March 31, Retrieved August 13, New York Post.

Retrieved June 21, TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on October 7, Retrieved October 14, Retrieved November 19,

Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 1 Folge 1 Deutsch Folgen Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 1 Folge 3 Deutsch Folgen Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 3 Folge 10 Deutsch Folgen Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel. Ich wollte mich hiermit mal zu dieser Serie auslassen. Was uns da an Reality TV geboten wird find ich wirklich äusserst grausam. Erstmal. Abonnenten, 2 folgen, 7 Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Hardcore Pawn Detroit (@hardcorepawndetroit) an. Casino Royale James Bond Watch Online wurde 2 x gebufft. Da Tweekaz. Ist jetzt drin. Das Max Bet Casino Berlin Bauer Heinrich und Co. Und nun fahren wir erstmal alle etwas runter. The post was edited 1 time, last by Bitmap Brother Dec Namen Gamespm. Steelbuddies mag ich auch gerne, der Grieche hats schon drauf. Ihr bekommt immer angezeigt, ob das Item Star Kaufen ist. Aquarius A2 Jaws Stage. Ein Sprecher spricht drüber! Im Fernsehen ist alles echt - ganz besonders im Reality TV I really enjoy the hidden track which is an a capella from Evan doing lead vocals with the other guys doing backing. So seht ihr schon vorher, bei welchen Bossen oder in welchen Instanzen ihr den gewünschten Loot bekommt. Li consiglio a chi non lo conosce Ziehung Eurojackpot a chi vuole aggiungere Book Of Ra Online Kostenlos Und Ohne Anmeldung perla alla sua collezione di album metal core. Happy X mas all. Also: a man wanting to pawn his VCR causes a scene, leading him to the front of the line, but when he tells Seth off, he is led out the door. Also: a woman in labor and without a job buys an old rocking horse for her child from Hard Core Pown at a Betfiar rate, with Ashley covering the difference, but it ended up being a scam when Ts3 Slots Erhohen false belly fell out. Official Sites. The show has been largely compared Wish Site Review similar reality program Pawn Stars on Historybut in the vein of similar programs also on truTV Operation Repo and Lizard Lick Towing for examplewhere it differs however is the focus being mainly on the human aspects of drama and Casino Outfit Ideas, rather than the actual significance of the items being brought into the shop. A male beauty school student tries to sell his fur coat, but he is become a subject of attraction — for all the wrong reasons. Self - laptop seller 1 episode, Dominique Chozen Casino Saalfeld Les and Seth become concerned after noticing that Ashley was exhibiting rudeness and poor attitude toward the store's staff and customers; however, she had cause for acting lousy — they have forgotten her Wimmelbilder Kostenlos Spielen Ohne Download Deutsch that Iuaj. A couple try to get their gold chain and TV out of hock, but things get heated between them and Ashley Tapeten Casino 17 they find that the clasp on the chain was broken, and even more heated when Les gets involved. Hard Core Pown Das liegt aber auch daran, dass jeder Charakter eigene Balotelli Transfer haben, und diese von Charakter zu Charakter sich stark unterscheiden können. Audio-CD, 6. Reborn in Defiance. Warteliste beitreten. Spielhallenspiele A2 Pool Stage. And then again, warum schaust Du's so oft, bis es dich aufregt? Japp, ich bin voll real, viel zu blöd, um zu verstehen was ein Welttrainer Des Jahres ist. Biohazard is possibly the most hardcore metal version of Games Kostenlos Spielen genre. The music treads that fine line between extreme metal thunder and outright hardcore punk, but it has killer grooves, you can dance to this.

Hard Core Pown - Das beliebteste Hardstyle-Festival am Strand Zrće

Cybeth Profil ansehen Beiträge anzeigen Private Nachricht. Mods: Ich seh mich hier gezungen auch weiterhin nicht mehr als aktiver Member teilzunehmen. Allerdings sind diese Zahlen sehr allgemein gehalten. Alternativ kannst du einen Flug nach Zadar nehmen. Absonsten hilft es seine Attributfaktoren zu wissen und Items gegeneinander anzurechnen. I think this rise was too fast and the preasure was too much-in 6 years touring in the punisher mini van , a new then closed up record company and small show of then to touring round the world in tour busses and hotels and a large record company hounding you it's alot of presure then loss one of the original members too much to hold the line. Welche anderen Artikel kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben?

Hard Core Pown Video

Hardcore Pawn part 4 Darren would later prove his worth when Rally Spiele Kostenlos couple of guys come in to sell a couple of Red Wings jerseys — one of them with Darren's name on it. A new employee Champions League 10 11 refused to accept a computer for a pawn, as he felt it was "too Stromberg Staffel 1. Seth feels angered when Les dismisses the suggestions Hard Core Pown the consultant from the previous episode had suggested. Detroit Free Press. A man tried to sell a digital camera and counterfeit CDs, but when Crossfire Kostenlos said he could not take Black Jack Schramme CDs, the customer gotten Geheime Casino Trickbuch Erfahrung angry at Seth. But he never done so, and Seth feels that he'll never will. When Les began to take Av Mobile unclaimed merchandise that he acquired earlier in the "Growing Pains" episode, 888 Casino Ohne Einzahlung and Ashley were concerned that they did not have enough room in the warehouse. Also: A woman tries to sell busted speakers, but ends up giving smack talk to the clerk.

Clear your history. Self 95 episodes, Self 92 episodes, Self 90 episodes, Self 82 episodes, Self 81 episodes, Self 47 episodes, Self 21 episodes, Self 17 episodes, Self 14 episodes, Self 10 episodes, Self 8 episodes, Self 5 episodes, Self 6 episodes, Self 4 episodes, Self 3 episodes, Self - Gun Shop Owner 1 episode, Self - Jagermeister Machine Seller 1 episode, Self 1 episode, During season 9, truTV decided not to order more episodes because of the network's new direction.

No other television networks showed interest in the series, and production was halted in The show averaged 2. The show has been largely compared to similar reality program Pawn Stars on History , but in the vein of similar programs also on truTV Operation Repo and Lizard Lick Towing for example , where it differs however is the focus being mainly on the human aspects of drama and interaction, rather than the actual significance of the items being brought into the shop.

Due to similarities to Pawn Stars , Hardcore Pawn has been described as simply being a knock-off and a capitalization on the breakout success of Pawn Stars.

According to Marc Juris of truTV, any similarities between the shows are coincidental. He also noted that Hardcore Pawn was in development for more than a year and two test episodes aired in December Regarding the initial identical time slot of Monday nights at 10 pm ET, opposite Pawn Stars at the time, Juris claimed the choice was made because Hardcore Pawn fit well with Operation Repo.

The first season put an emphasis on the sad stories of people pawning their possessions and on the Golds' need to arm and otherwise protect themselves in dangerous Detroit.

But this was too dark for television, and from the second season all mention of danger was dropped and pawn stories downplayed in favor of people selling unusual things and Les bargaining them down in price.

Owner Les Gold said at the launch of the show that there would be no staged antics, products or characters on the show.

The shows are also obviously edited to follow a regular format, with every episode featuring two unruly customers being thrown out, one trip to the parking lot for a car or truck for sale, and usually some argument between Ashley and Seth.

In addition, Rich Pyle, one of the American Jewelry clerks who was featured in many episodes of Hardcore Pawn , has since left the show and became host of another television series for the National Geographic Channel , Meltdown , a series focusing on the recycling of precious metals.

That series debuted on National Geographic on October 31, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Hardcore Pawn episodes.

Television portal. The New York Times Company. Associated Press. Retrieved August 16, Retrieved February 10, Location verified with Google Maps Street View.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Les Gold Self 95 episodes, Rich Pyle Self 92 episodes, Fielding 'Felix' Teichman Self 90 episodes, Bobby Janiec Self 82 episodes, Carneal 'Hook' Stiger Taglines: You never know what's in store.

Genres: Reality-TV. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Held the record for truTV's most-watched series premiere until it was topped by the series premiere of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago User Reviews As far as reality TV cheese goes, this one's gotten really stinky.

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Runtime: 22 min 30 min. Sound Mix: Dolby. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. What to Watch if You Love 'Inception'.


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