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Augustus war der erste römische Kaiser. Der Großneffe und Haupterbe Gaius Iulius Caesars gewann die Machtkämpfe, die auf dessen Ermordung im Jahr 44 v. Chr. folgten, und war von 31 v. Chr. bis 14 n. Chr. Alleinherrscher des Römischen Reiches. Octavian ist ursprünglich ein lateinischer Familienname, der sich aus dem Namen Octavius ableiten lässt. Oktavian (von lateinisch Octavianus; englisch Octavian, italienisch Ottaviano, spanisch Octaviano, französisch Octavien, polnisch Oktawian) ist ein männlicher​. Erläuterung: Der Name Octavian belegt in der offiziellen Rangliste der häufigsten Vornamen aller in Österreich geborenen Bürger den Rang. Insgesamt. Namensvarianten Octavian und Oktavian. Der Name Oktavian Der Vorname Oktavian ist eine Variante des Namens Octavian. Im deutschsprachigen.

Name Octavian

Relationen. Häufigkeit. Für diesen Namen sind noch keine Häufigkeitsinformationen bekannt. Namenstage. No name days known for the forename "Octavian". Namensvarianten Octavian und Oktavian. Der Name Oktavian Der Vorname Oktavian ist eine Variante des Namens Octavian. Im deutschsprachigen. Der Name Octavian war ein römischer Familienname, der sich von dem gleichlautenden römischen Vornamen ableitet. Octavian bedeutet so. Hallo alle Octavian! Octavian in der Liste der beliebtesten Jungennamen Berlins. Glücksbuch für Octavian erstellen. Mehr über die Namensvergabe von Hoch- und Tiefdruckgebieten und welche anderen Vornamen bereits "Wetterpate" standen, erfährst du hier. Land wählen: Österreich Schweiz. Melde Dich an oder werde neues Mitglied der Community, um live kommentieren zu Planet Invasion. Erläuterung: Der Name Octavian belegt in der offiziellen Download Casino Games For Mac der häufigsten Vornamen aller in Österreich geborenen Bürger den Geographische Verteilung in der Schweiz 0. The Senate still controlled North Africa, an important regional producer of grainas well as Illyria and Macedonia, two strategic regions with several legions. Traditionally, Paypal Gibt Geld Nicht Frei Roman All Slots Casino 10 Free Claim governors lost their proconsular "imperium" when they crossed the Pomerium — the sacred boundary of Fragebogen Technik — and entered the city. Allen, William Sidney []. A final reason for the Second Settlement was to give the Principate constitutional stability and staying power in case something happened to Princeps Augustus. Your email address will not be published.

You will receive an email no more than once per day summarizing any new mentions of Octavian on Nameberry. Would you like to follow Octavian? With the rise of ancient Roman names, Octavian suddenly seem plausible again.

A variation of Octavius and relative of the more modern Octavio, it's an equally attractive member of the trio. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Octavian.

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I really like it. It is not necessary to have one , and even is you don't like the ones available you never know if little Octavian will.

I don't see Octavian as a name that gets easily nicknamed. I don't know why but I can't picture too many people using Ockie or Tay.

I think if you named your child Octavian, that's probably what people would call him. I don't think you'd have to worry about Ian being used as a nickname too much.

I had a dream about this name probably stemming from Octavia Spenser's popularity of late. What a handsome and strong name for a little gentleman.

Nn Ian is my only drawback and would have to put my foot down on calling him that. Might get annoying. Counting our pets would make him the eighth member of our family lol.

I like it. BBC News. Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 25 April Official Charts Company. Retrieved 9 March Apple Music. Retrieved 5 March Sam Wise — Single by Octavian".

Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 28 February Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 31 July Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 19 August Retrieved 2 October Octavian — Single by Diplo".

Octavian — Single by J Rick". Retrieved 27 September Octavian - Single by The Blaze". Sound of Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from October Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hCards.

Hast Du schon einmal den Namen Octavian gewunken? Deine Meinung ist gefragt! Meinungen über uns. Der Vorname Octavian. Winken, Hoffenheim Gegen Frankfurt, piepen Im alten Rom nannte man seine Kinder nach Zahlen z. Was bedeutet der Name Octavian? Royalgames Com Login void 0! SSW 7. Interessierst dich auch, was andere über diesen Vornamen denken? Lest euch passend dazu hilfreiche Ratgeber, Kaufberatungen oder auch Testberichte durch und informiert euch hier Real Online Slots anderem zu den Schulferien und zahlreichen rechtlichen Themen. Wie wird unter diesem Aspekt der Name Bank Slaski Ing wahrgenommen? Am

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Octavian - Rari (Chapter 1) (Official Video) ft. Future Der Name Octavian. Alles für Octavian: Namensbedeutung, Namenstag, Herkunft​, Berühmte Persönlichkeiten und Ähnliche Namen. Der Name Octavian war ein römischer Familienname, der sich von dem gleichlautenden römischen Vornamen ableitet. Octavian bedeutet so. Herkunft und Bedeutung. Der Name Octavian stammt aus dem Lateinischen und ist ein altrömischer Geschlechtername. Er bezieht sich auf die Familie der. Namensbedeutung von Octavian. der Achte, der im achten Monat Geborene. Bedeutet: „als Achter geboren“ oder „der Achte“. In der der Name ist die deutsche​. Relationen. Häufigkeit. Für diesen Namen sind noch keine Häufigkeitsinformationen bekannt. Namenstage. No name days known for the forename "Octavian". Abstimmen 6 Kommentieren. September Land wählen: Österreich Schweiz. Kommentar hinzufügen Hallo Gast! In welchen sozialen Milieus Best Casino Sites Online der Vorname Octavian derzeit besonders beliebt? So wurde er in den sieben Jahren von bis in der gesamten Hauptstadt nur 4-mal vergeben, zuletzt im Jahr

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Platz 0 in den offiziellen Vornamencharts von Deine Vornamen-Merkliste. Mehr Infos über Octavian. Dein Name. Hier piept's wohl Ähnliche Vornamen im anderen Geschlecht Octavia. Kommentar schreiben Schreibe jetzt einen Kommentar zum Vornamen Octavian!

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His autocratic regime is known as the principate because he was the princeps , the first citizen , at the head of that array of outwardly revived republican institutions that alone made his autocracy palatable.

With unlimited patience, skill, and efficiency , he overhauled every aspect of Roman life and brought durable peace and prosperity to the Greco-Roman world.

Augustus also known as Octavian was the first emperor of ancient Rome. Augustus held that title until his death in 14 CE.

Today he is remembered as one of the great administrative geniuses of Western history. He introduced Augustus to Roman political life and took him on military campaigns and victory tours too.

In his will Caesar formally adopted Augustus as his son and identified him as his chief personal heir. The Second Triumvirate did not last long.

Shortly thereafter Lepidus fell from power, and Augustus waged war against Antony and Cleopatra. Augustus emerged victorious in 30 BCE.

In 27 BCE he nominally restored the republic of Rome and instituted a series of constitutional and financial reforms that culminated in the birth of the principate.

As princeps of Rome, Augustus enjoyed enormous popularity. He reformed the monetary system and significantly expanded Roman territory. Augustus was no stranger to assassination plots.

Fortunately, Augustus did not suffer the same fate as his adoptive father, Julius Caesar. Augustus died of natural causes on August 19, 14 CE, at age He was immediately succeeded by his adopted son, Tiberius.

Gaius Octavius was of a prosperous family that had long been settled at Velitrae Velletri , southeast of Rome. His father, who died in 59 bce , had been the first of the family to become a Roman senator and was elected to the high annual office of the praetorship, which ranked second in the political hierarchy to the consulship.

At age 12 he made his debut by delivering the funeral speech for his grandmother Julia. Three or four years later he received the coveted membership of the board of priests pontifices.

In 46 bce he accompanied Caesar, now dictator, in his triumphal procession after his victory in Africa over his opponents in the Civil War; and in the following year, in spite of ill health, he joined the dictator in Spain.

He was at Apollonia now in Albania completing his academic and military studies when, in 44 bce , he learned that Julius Caesar had been murdered.

Returning to Italy, he was told that Caesar in his will had adopted him as his son and had made him his chief personal heir.

He was only 18 when, against the advice of his stepfather and others, he decided to take up this perilous inheritance and proceeded to Rome.

The Senate, encouraged by Cicero, broke with Antony, called upon Octavius for aid granting him the rank of senator in spite of his youth , and joined the campaign of Mutina Modena against Antony, who was compelled to withdraw to Gaul.

Name Octavian


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